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Wind and solar are among the fastest growing sources of electric power globally. A high-voltage step-up transformer is the vital link between the wind or solar farm and the electricity network. These transformers are often under increased stress due to intermittent generation and an undiagnosed fault can lead to a catastrophic failure, taking the transformer offline and resulting in loss of electricity production from the entire facility.

With many of these facilities in hard-to-reach locations, remote transformer monitoring is critical to understand the risk profile of these assets, enable timely action to be taken on developing faults and to safeguard the supply of renewable power to the grid.

Camlin offers a range of smart, innovative products and expert services to help operators understand risk profiles of transformers, respond rapidly to faults and safeguard power supply.

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Camlin offer a range of solutions and expert services for online monitoring of transformers in green power generation plants such as wind, solar and hydro. For the most critical transformers, we provide dissolved gas analysis, partial discharge, bushing monitoring, and through-fault-current all in a single instrument and turnkey solution. For less critical transformers, our solutions can be tailored to measure the parameters of most importance.

Our innovative products together with advanced data analytics and in-house transformer expertise, help renewable plant owners and operators understand the health of the individual assets in their transformer fleet and to profile the risks to their business. With our data to decision approach, we prescribe the actions to be taken to prevent developing faults becoming significant failures and outages.

In short, we help safeguard the supply of renewable power onto the electricity grid and help enable the transition to more sustainable energy networks. For more information on our transformer asset monitoring solutions:

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Transformer monitoring for wind power generation

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