Investing in Renewables – Camlin Energy Collaboration With Spanish Wind Farm

Group, 22nd June 2021
camlin wind farm monitoring

Camlin’s Sustainability Framework

This week Camlin launched a new Sustainability Framework which identifies key sustainability themes and commitments for the organisation across Environmental, Social and Governance criteria. Speaking at the launch, Camlin CEO Peter Cunningham said, ‘In a post-COVID world, the entire energy industry has a renewed opportunity for change with plans for a global Green Recovery. As the energy industry drives towards unlocking a net zero future, Camlin is a key partner.’

Growing Our Renewable Energy Portfolio

Camlin has made a substantial commitment to developing more products and services for the renewable energy sector and Camlin’s Energy and Kelvatek divisions have developed clear business plans to expand their presence and partner with new customers, especially in the wind sector, the world’s fastest growing source of electric power.

Transformer Monitoring for Wind

High-voltage step-up transformers are a vital link between wind farms and the electricity network, but because wind generation can be intermittent, depending on wind speeds, transformers are often under increased stress and can be difficult to maintain as they are often in remote locations.

An undiagnosed fault can lead to a catastrophic failure, taking a transformer offline with loss of production from the entire wind farm. This means that transformer monitoring is critical to understand the risk profile, enable timely action to be taken on developing faults and to safeguard the supply of renewable power to the grid.

Camlin Energy and a Spanish wind farm

With this in mind, the Spanish wind farm operator recently installed Camlin’s TOTUS TTM system at its wind farms in Spain, which produce up to 395MW of electric power.

Camlin’s TOTUS TTM system provides nine-gas dissolved gas analysis (DGA), partial discharge (PD) and bushing monitoring (BM) on the 450 MVA (132/400kV) transformer at the site, giving the asset managers a deeper understanding of the health of the transformer and how to manage it most effectively.

By measuring all key aspects of the transformer, Camlin’s TOTUS system provides a complete picture of the health of the transformer in real time. Continuous monitoring allows the asset manager to identify and classify faults, monitor how those faults are developing, understand the risk that any faults represent to the transformer and identify actions that should be taken to manage that risk.

For asset managers, Camlin’s TOTUS Transformer Analytics tools present information in easy-to-understand graphics and reports, removing any ambiguity or potential for misinterpretation of data. And Camlin’s transformer experts are always available to support with more technical queries and in-depth analysis.

For the Spanish wind farm, this means:

  • Greatly reduced risk of unanticipated transformer failure and associated costs.
  • Enhanced predictive maintenance, extending transformer life.
  • Avoidance of interruption to renewable power generation and consequent revenue loss.

Speaking after the installation, the O&M Manager, said:

‘We selected Camlin because of their experience in monitoring these critical transformers for the wind sector and their Total Transformer Monitoring system provides diagnostics for all the major transformer failure modes in a single solution’.

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