Tap Changer

TOTUS offers a variety of solutions for all OLTC types starting from simple tracking of temperatures and tap position up to providing a full 8-gas DGA monitor.

Key Challenges

Failures in tap changers account for over 20% of transformer failures, often resulting in fire or explosions.

Arcing, heating, mechanical frictions and wear are the key factors leading to OLTC failures. While the condition of tap changer can be assessed with regular testing, this is often time consuming for asset managers and costly.

Maintenance is typically scheduled based on the number of operations and is particularly intrusive, involving human intervention that can possibly cause unexpected issues compromising the tap changer operation.

TOTUS monitors and integrates key parameters on the tap changer such as tap position, motor current and temperatures to highlight deviations over time, enabling enhanced maintenance strategies for asset managers.

What we monitor call outs Tap changer what we monitor

Benefits of monitoring OLTC with TOTUS

Meeting key challenges for asset managers

TOTUS monitoring provides the following key benefits for asset managers;

  • Use of diagnostic standards for DGA
  • Continuous monitoring and supervision detecting early faults
  • More efficient maintenance, reducing costs (through condition based maintenance)
  • Integrated solution with Main Tank DGA and Arcing (same web platform, data correlation

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