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The Pantobot 3D benefits and features - driving the Digital Railway

What is our Pantobot 3D technology?

Best in class train monitoring technology. Pantobot 3D is an industry first in pantograph monitoring system by adopting a fully automated machine vision system based on stereo vision. Railways are getting busier and as more demands are placed on the infrastructure there is a need to deploy automated tools to help drive operational performance. Our pantograph system, Pantobot 3D provides the railway operator with a unique and cost-effective tool set combined with advanced analytics to improve operational decision making on train monitoring.


The Pantograph enables predictive maintenance schedules

Rail operators and infrastructure owners require accurate understanding of the true condition of pantograph assets to support scheduled maintenance and fleet optimisation. Pantobot 3D offers accurate train monitoring, tracking, and trending of pantograph condition, delivering powerful insights into pantograph condition without the costs, service disruption, and safety risks of manual inspection. The pantograph system allows rail operators to schedule predictive fleet maintenance, dramatically reducing the danger of a damaged pantograph causing overhead line tear-downs that impact directly on operating revenues and service continuity.

Our railway monitoring system is driving the digital railway. Camlin Rail have designed train monitoring technology that is best in class and installed across the globe.

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Pantograph Monitoring in close-up

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Pantobot 3D processing

Left and right images from stereoscopic cameras are analysed and merged to create an accurate 3D model of the pantograph.

3 D processing analysis and reporting 04

Pantograph condition analysis

Powerful machine learning algorithms assess pantograph condition against criteria including contact strip condition (carbon wear and chipping), contact strip rotation, degree of uplift, contact with catenary, head orientation, orthogonality and defects in horn structure. Pantograph parameters exceeding threshold values will trigger automated alarm.

3 D processing analysis and reporting 05
3 D processing analysis and reporting 05

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  • Real-time wayside inspection of pantograph condition
  • Supports condition-based predictive maintenance strategies
  • Reduced safety risks for maintenance staff