Connected Insights

Connected Insights harnesses 40 years of Camlin experience with assets and networks together with your own know-how. Our asset management software uses embedded AI and Machine Learning to analyze and interpret real experience from work in the field, generating actionable insights that prevent failures and outages, improve safety and promote predictive maintenance.

The Way the Grid Operates is Changing

After decades of stability and predictability, utilities are confronting change and uncertainty: the need to invest in renewable generation and low carbon technologies; maintaining aging network assets within budget constraints; and continuing to provide reliable and affordable energy across a rapidly changing consumer landscape.

With renewables and energy from low carbon technologies spreading over every level of the electricity grid, utilities are moving from linear centralized models to more flexible, complex and decentralized networks. This makes planning and predicting the behavior of the grid much more difficult: a network with a greater number of players relying much more on intermittent renewables will be much more complex to manage in terms of resilience and reliability, with assets operating in conditions that they were not designed for.

In this new landscape, approaches to management and operation of electricity networks and maintenance of assets over the last 50 years will not be enough. To meet these challenges successfully, electric utilities will need to evolve rapidly, embracing new technologies, new methodologies, new partnerships and new ways of thinking.

Success for utilities will depend on a solution that automates the management, optimization and maintenance of assets.

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Next Generation Asset Management

Understanding asset and network health is time-consuming, data-intensive and complex.

Connected Insights is a secure cloud solution providing real-time calculation of health condition for assets and networks. Unlike many other providers, Camlin has a full range of domain expertise in assets, networks and analytics, with a dedicated data-science facility working together with transformer, circuit breaker and network experts and Connected Insights harnesses this together with your own expertise to generate actionable insights that prevent failures and outages, improve safety and promote predictive maintenance.

Secure by design, Connected Insights is deployed either through secure web services to automate business processes or accessed through a dedicated secure web portal.

Consolidating data together in one secure location, Connected Insights helps answer the questions:

  • Which assets should we repair, refurbish, replace or buy?
  • Which units and future plans can wait?
  • How do we allocate resources?
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Complete Data Visibility and Modeling

Connected Insights collects operational data, both online and offline, from all monitors, regardless of the supplier.

Applying both Camlin's extensive field experience over 40 years and advanced mathematical calculations based on AI and Machine Learning, Connected Insights searches for and detects anomalies in data.

These findings are then interpreted and translated into risk of failure with clear prescriptive actions, shown in clear graphical outputs.

Resources can then be allocated to assets or areas most in need, realizing opportunities for both efficiency and cost savings.

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Connected Insights is a Single Secure Source of Truth for Everyone

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Utility Leadership

Connected Insights provides visibility of asset health and performance and helps to plan effective maintenance & replacement activities and balance risk management, operations & budgets.

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Asset Manager

Connected Insights helps Asset Managers to identify quickly any assets that are at risk and what attention is required, freeing up time to focus on critical issues.

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Subject Matter Expert

Connected Insights displays clear and accurate information on historic asset performance and root cause of any failures to ensure effective evaluation and eliminate their reoccurrence.

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Connected Insights co-exists within your existing IT infrastructure. With an open API, it can receive, process and provide data back to your in-house systems. Its compatibility and security features mean that there is little risk of obsolescence and it be implemented quickly and easily.

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