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What is the Partial Discharge (PD) Triangle?

The question is with such vast amounts of partial discharge monitoring data to interpret how can they easily get an instant picture of which transformer is affected by PD and which not?

Partial Discharges detected in transformers often have a reputation for being difficult to interpret, often misunderstood as “noise”. Using unique, patented algorithms, the TOTUS from Camlin can detect, identify, and automatically reject the noise and focus on the relevant PD.

The Partial Discharge (PD) Triangle from Camlin Energy is a visual partial discharge monitoring tool which provides asset managers with a simple coloured visual image (PD Triangle) indicating the presence of active Partial Discharges, their intensity and the phase where the predominant phenomenon is occurring. Asset Managers can easily adopt partial discharge monitoring to identify which transformers have noticeable PD activity and, on the other side, which transformers are PD free.

This enables you to screen your power transformer fleet and focus on those transformers with active and repetitive PD.

With the Partial Discharge (PD) Triangle from Camlin Energy there is no longer the need for additional external experts to support your partial discharge monitoring.

You can easily determine whether a Partial Discharge condition exists, in which winding and which phase. You are the expert, and can now clearly understand your assets health enabling you to concentrate your time, resource and finances more efficiently.

A clear understanding of your asset condition is the key to a successful maintenance strategy, but how do you interpret the vast amounts of data?

Read our Partial Discharge white paper and learn about how asset managers can easily get an instant picture of which transformer is affected by Partial Discharges (PD) and which not, without the need for PD experts.

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